Race Rules

Please see below for the Race Rules and Conditions of Entry.  By entering this race you agree that you have fully read, understood and accept these rules.

Race Rules, HBO Big “0” 10k Road Race

  1. This race is organised by Hatfield Broad Oak Race Committee on behalf of St Marys School JMI PTA and none of its members, staff, sponsors, suppliers or agents will be liable for any injury, loss or expense which may arise as a consequence of your participation in this event.
  2. A condition of entry is that you agree to abide by these Race Rules and also the Rules of Competition as laid down by UK Athletics and available at ww.uka.org.uk/competitions/rules/.
  3. Entrants for this event must be aged 15 years or older on race day.
  4. Entry to this race is personal to each applicant and race numbers must not be given, sold or transferred to another person. Any runner who wears another person’s race number will be disqualified.
  5. Once you have paid for your place there can be no refund if you are subsequently unable to take part in this race for any reason.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel applications, to alter the date of the event, to alter the course or distance and to cancel the event altogether if we deem the conditions to be unsuitable on race day. In such eventuality all participants will be notified by email or Facebook or mail.  Our entire liability in respect of costs and expenses you may incur as a result of such cancellation or delay will be the entry price you have paid to take part in the event. PDF – Event Cancellation Protocol
  7. Entrants to this race undertake not to take part unless they are medically fit to run a half marathon and able to complete the course in under three hours. Any pre-existing medical condition must be declared on entry and will be shared with our medical teams in the event treatment is required.
  8. All runners are required to complete the contact and medical details on the back of their race number. This is a requirement of participation and may be checked by race officials prior to the start.
  9. Race numbers must be pinned securely to the front of your outer layer using a safety pin in each corner and your race number must be visible at all times.
  10. Timing chips must be fixed around your ankle or on your shoe. Fit it anywhere else and we cannot give you a time or position and you will not appear in the results.
  11. Devices with headphones or earbuds, including bone-conducting headsets, are prohibited during the road race. This is for your safety, as listening to music during a race may distract you from being able to hear instructions from our race marshals and other runners on the course. If you are observed using such a device during this race you will be disqualified.
  12. Wheeled vehicles, prams, buggies and following cycles are not permitted. You must not encourage or allow children to run across the finish line with you.
  13. No pets or other animals are permitted in the race. People with guide dogs will only be permitted to race if we are advised in advance so that a position at the rear or the race can be allocated.  If any partially sighted athlete wishes to race there will be no fee for the guide, although obviously they would not be participating in the race in their own right.
  14. Our race is an inclusive event where we are delighted to welcome disabled participants, who compete within the rules of UKA and BARR.  All are very welcome, however please notify the race organisers upon entry so we can accommodate your needs where possible.
  15. Runners are required to follow the directions of police (if present on race day), car park marshals and race marshals at all times.
  16. For your safety, please do not sprint finish. When you have finished the race please move through the race finish funnel as fast as you can, to make space for runners finishing behind you.  You can return your chip and collect your t-shirt immediately.
  17. Race marshals and medical team members have the authority to disqualify and remove any runner they consider to be acting dangerously or unfit to compete.
  18. Runners are required to report any casualties immediately to the nearest first aid post or race marshal.
  19. Category prizes will be awarded as follows. Prizes are awarded on gun times.  With the gun time the clock starts to tick the moment the starter horn is sounded.  UKA road races are competitive races not time trials.  Therefore competition results, prizes and course records are awarded according to gun time.The chip time is the time a runner takes to run the actual race distance from the moment of crossing the start line to the moment of crossing the finish line.  Runners usually think of this as their personal running time and this it he result most people quote when asked for personal best times.
  20.  All individual prizes will be decided by finishing positions, not by chip times – this is a race, not a time trial.
1st Male1st Female
1st Male (Under 40)1st Female (Under 40)
1st Male (40 – 49)1st Female (40 – 49)
1st Male (50 – 59)1st Female (50 – 59)
1st Male (60 – 69)1st Female (60 – 69)
1st Male (70 - 79)1st Female (70 - 79)
1st Male (80+)1st Female (80+)
1st Junior Male (16 or under)1st Junior Female (16 or under)
1st Male Team (4 to count)1st Female team (4 to count)
1st Male Villager1st Female Villager
  1. Team prizes will be awarded to the first three men’s and women’s teams (four to score). Team prizes will be decided by aggregated finishing positions.
  2. All belongings left in the baggage area are stored at the owner’s risk.
  3. The HBO 10K Road Race adheres to the UK Data Protection Act 1988 and is GDPR compliant. You have the right of access to your personal records held on our computers.
  4. By entering the event you give permission for the free use of your name or photograph which may appear on our website as part of the race results listing or race pictures.
  5. In the event of any dispute the decision of the Race Referee shall be final.